Desert Safari live shows.

Juliet D'cruz

Desert Safari live shows

Just like our agency presents you with a unique set of shows in the dhow cruise package, you will also find these amazing shows on the desert safari. As you know, the presence of shows in a visiting place is an indication of entertainment. So the shows like henna painting camp, dances of various types. The desert safari make you realise that you are not wrong in choosing the desert safari trip. The desert safari has a completely unique set of shows on it.On them, the shows are named “tanoura dancing shows.”the city of Dubai you will find a variety of entertainment in various forms, collectively on the desert safari. The dances and shows are a unique set up of entertainment from the old days to now. You can watch and mesmerise yourself via these shows, but the organization of shows at desert safaris is specifically amazing. Actually the presence of these live shows however 3 or 4 in number but they definitely increases the charm of desert Safari.

Tanoura & other dancing shows

There is a mind-blowing and famous show on the Dubai Desert Safari called the Tanoura Show, a unique and amazing one. These are specifically prepared for our amazing audience, including you. These dancing shows are an important step towards making a desert safari unique. The preparation for these shows is done there for you in order to mesmerise you on the desert safari. This tanoura show on the desert safari reminds you about Turkish old traditions. This Tanoura show will inspire you through its charm and well organised performances on the desert safari. The desert safari makes these special through the groups of special men. The Desert Safari applies this one show to its programme list just to make you

entertained over here in Dubai. Besides these special kind of shows in desert Safari the other impressive & unique series of shows can also be found there. The shows of belly dancing is also there to increase your entertainment. There you can enjoy both the views of Desert Safari along with these live shows.

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Difference between the shows on the Desert Safari morning & evening

However, there is a little bit of a difference in the timings of the arrangements of these shows, but mainly they are similar to each other with few differences. These desert safari shows will take you to the world of inspiration and happiness. The number of shows increases on these desert safaris as the package term increases or you move from the basic to the premium side. About 2 to 3 shows will entertain you there on the dhow cruise for sure. You can also organise or request to make a special kind of show there on the desert Safari according to your events while booking. In the morning tour of desert Safari we are offering a few limited number of shows to audience as this is organized in a special manner so that’s the reason behind it. You can go for the evening Dubai desert Safari so you can enjoy a lot of shows there and it’s limit exceeds for you if you decided to go for a premium package.

Puppet shows

Like tanoura, there is also a uniqueness carried out by the puppet shows. Just after the refreshment procedure is done on the desert Safari, the shows start. This show will be present on both kinds of Desert Safari that are going to entertain you. These puppet shows will keep you entertained here on the desert Safari. While there are a bundle of shows present, you can’t ignore these specialties of this dubai desert safari. These are performed by special groups of

trained people in order to give you entertainment. However, this number of shows may come before or after the tanoura show on the desert Safari. This will give you a special vibe in the form of puppet shows on the Dubai desert Safari. This show enhances the beauty of this desert Safari. The arrangement of these may vary or differ on morning & evening times.

Tattoos facility

There you can also enjoy different forms of flora and fauna kinds of tattoos on the Desert Safari Dubai. Professional trainers are available there to make such an amazing designs of tattoos to your suggested body part. This uniqueness of tattoos makes the desert Safari Dubai a fun spot with adventures. The availability of such an inspiring stuff will increases the attraction of tourists in Dubai desert Safari. Along with visiting this beautiful desert you can also mesmerize yourself through these tattoo paintings. Whatever the design it contains, we offer all kinds of designs there on desert Safari. We are there for your guidance here on the Dubai desert Safari. These special amendments in tattoos camps will definitely help to find out the right tattoo designs for you on the desert Safari.

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