How to Crack any Competitive Exam in First attempt?

Juliet D'cruz

How to Crack any Competitive Exam in First attempt?

Every year millions of students in India appear for various competitive exams whether it is an entrance exam such as JEE, NEET, CAT, GATE and more or a government exam such as SSC, RRB, Banking exam, Defence exam and more. On that note, let’s talk about some of the preparation tips that can help students to crack any competitive exam in their first attempt.

Regardless of the type of exam, you are appearing for, you must have a top-notch preparation to crack any competitive exam in first attempt. Most of the candidates often fail and only a few make it through. This is because most of the candidates are unable to make the best use of the resources and time they have.

Know about Exam and Pattern in detail

Candidates must have a sound knowledge of the pattern and syllabus of their respective exams. This will give them proper information on the structure of the exam, subjects and topics they need to cover, marking scheme, time limit, number of questions and sections to attempt and more. This allows the students to design a proper study plan accordingly.

Furthermore, students must examine various topics and sub-topics mentioned in the syllabus and must divide them to cover the syllabus one topic at a time.

Exam pattern gives an idea of the weightage of different stages of the exam in the final selection. Students must keep this information in mind while preparing for the exam as they should know what stages they have to go through to get a selection.

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Choose the Best Sources to Study from (Live Coaching, Books)

Before starting with any exam preparation, students must secure the best sources to study from for the exam which includes online courses, books, study material, test series and more.

Gone are the days when you had to physically go and attend coaching classes to receive guidance and mentorship to prepare effectively for your exam. Multiple online exam preparation platforms such as Testbook offer students online coaching services to help prepare better for their respective exams.

Students can enrol themselves in the online courses offered by these platforms and can receive proper guidance and mentorship from best-experienced teachers along with other educational resources in the comfort of their home.

Furthermore, Buying the best books and study materials is necessary for effective preparation. For this, students must ensure that the books and study material have updated and relevant information as well as it aligns with the latest syllabus of the exam.

Lastly, only studying is not enough, students must test what they studied by attempting an online test series. This will also help them in analyzing their performance and will improve their speed and accuracy.

Prepare Short Notes in Each Subject for Quick Revision

While preparing for an exam, don’t forget to make short notes in a crisp manner so that you can revise the important points, concepts, formulas and short tricks later quickly. Making short notes of all formulas and short tricks in quantitative aptitude will help students to quickly go through them just a few days before the exam.

Making short notes also saves time during revision and helps the students recall and retain what they have studied. This is the most effective way to crack any competitive exam.

Clear Concepts in Each Topic and Learn Useful short tricks

Students must have a stark understanding of the fundamental concepts behind each topic as the questions asked in any competitive exam are mostly concept-based and could be of advanced level. Often, most students fail to solve these types of questions as they don’t have the clarity of the concept on which the questions are based.

Apart from this, students must not totally depend on the basic method of solving a question. This will consume a lot of valuable time of the students during the exam which they could have saved for other questions and sections and could have scored better.

Therefore, it is advised to learn formulas and short tricks as this help cut short a number of time-consuming steps and saves you time to attempt other questions or sections later.

Stay Consistent During Preparation

This is a major factor that determines a candidate’s success or failure in any exam. Most of the students meticulously design their study plan and start their preparation in a strong spirit but after a few days into the study routine, they lose interest and their spirit weakens.

This results in irregular studies and a lack of sincerity in following the daily study timetable. These small irregularities and gaps in preparation can result in a student’s failure to crack any competitive exam.

Attempt Regular Mock tests

As soon as the student has covered the majority of topics of the syllabus, he/she should start attempting mock tests regularly. This will help them get an insight into their strengths and weaknesses along with improving their pace and accuracy.

By giving regular online mock tests a student can track his/her progress and can develop a relaxed mindset with confidence to attempt questions in the exam when the time is ticking down.

Multiple growing ed-tech startups such as Testbook, Grade up, Unacademy and more have started offering online test series to students preparing for various competitive exams. Students can find the best test series available online and must regularly attempt the mock tests present in them to boost their preparation. In this way, students can easily crack any competitive exam in First attempt.

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