What are the Best online platforms to make calls to friends online?

Juliet D'cruz

What are the Best online platforms to make calls to friends online?

The COVID-19 pandemic caused lockdown can be rough with most borders sealed preventing, casual meetings between friends and families, which is tough for society as a whole. After going through a tough day, or even receiving good news, most people like to talk to those closest to them, and they might not always be in the vicinity. There are instances where individuals leave their homes to work in different states or countries, which makes it difficult, to get in touch with the folks back home, all the time.

However, many best online platforms to make calls are bridging this gap, making it possible to keep in touch with all those closest to you involving nothing more than a phone or computer and an active internet connection. Additionally, there are many ways of making a call without worrying about the internet connection either. It might be used to get information, like the country codes or finding discounts to make the call.

How to make a cheap international call?

Justcallabroad is one of the many platforms that allows users to call people abroad at a close to a nothing price point. Furthermore, the website can be optimised to match the requirements of any nation by adding the details of the two locations, the start point and endpoint for the call.

The platform has a database of countries connected to itself so users have to make sure that the country they are calling from is part of that database. Additionally, they will have to make sure that the country or state of their friends or family is in the database for the call to go through.

If you need to make cheap international calls, look no further.

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What are the requirements for making cheap calls to India?

India is a bit of an anomaly with a majority of the country using Whatsapp, without the best internet reception. Some parts of the country are still not connected with only about 80% of India online and most of them receiving poor network on their phones. While a majority of the country might be able to send messages, online phone calls aren’t always possible.

Under these circumstances, using websites to place regular calls to people without internet on both ends are positive. People can now make cheap calls to India from most parts of the world without much trouble. Additionally, the interface is quite simple and allows them to handle the entire process with ease. Calling abroad no longer has to be as expensive as it used to be a couple of decades back.

Are there any exceptions to the rule?

There are a few countries yet to be integrated with the platform. Until then, people using the platform will not be able to get in touch with people from those countries. However, the team at the backend is working on those requirements and should have them added shortly. Post adding them to the platform they will also add their area codes and other information about them there.

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