4 reasons why Blox is the best property portal

Berry Mathew

4 reasons why Blox is the best property portal 

Buying a home is not easy, planning your budget to choosing the location and selecting a developer can be a long and tedious process. If you make the wrong move, you might end up buying a property that may not suit your needs. Since homes in Mumbai are costly, misjudgment can cost you significant sums of money. But you can minimise the scope for errors if you partner with the right broker or real estate buying platform. Of the many real estate buying platforms in Mumbai, Blox is one name that stands out. Within a short period, the platform has carved a strong reputation in the city’s real estate market. So for those planning to buy property in Mumbai, here are 4 reasons that make Blox the best property portal.

Exclusive properties 

There are numerous developers who advertise their projects in print, television and on the internet. Some of these are state-of-the-art projects, but it is not necessary that they will suit your lifestyle needs. Moreover, a thorough background check of the developer and the property is required, and it is time consuming. That is why it is necessary to partner with a trusted platform like Blox. On Blox you will find a wide array of exclusive properties constructed by some of the country’s most reputed and well-known developers like the Lodha Group, Hiranandani Group, Dynamix, Piramal Realty and others. Whether you are looking for an affordable home in the suburbs or a luxurious apartment in a premium locale, Blox will ensure you get what you are looking for. 

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Zero percent brokerage 

If you take the services of a broker, you will have to pay a fee. The broker’s fee can be around 1 or 2 percent. This may seem like a small percentage. But considering the property’s value, especially that cost a few crores, it can turn out to be a significant sum. However, Blox does not charge any brokerage fees and this makes it unique compared to other real estate buying platform. By relying on Blox, you will get the best property and save on money that you will have to pay as brokerage fees. You can spend this money on customisation or on upgrading the apartment. 

Virtual tour and visits 

Site visits form an important part of the home buying procedure. It enables the homebuyer to examine the property, its surroundings, check whether there are issues and how feasible it is for the occupants. To provide their customers with a better understanding of the property, Blox organises site visits. The homebuyer can schedule a visit and choose a date that best suits them. If you are short of time, the company can arrange a virtual tour. You can check all the aspects of the property from your home or office. Whether you opt for a physical site visit or a virtual tour, you will be assured of the best quality.

Takes care of the entire process

Buying a home is a cumbersome process. However, Blox makes it enjoyable for you. You can check and book properties online right from the comforts of your home, saving you precious time and money. Besides, you need not worry about the home buying procedure. All aspects will be taken care of by Blox, whether it is paperwork, financing, guiding you about what is right for you or arranging visits. And through the entire process, the company’s representatives will be in touch with you. So you will be aware of all the developments. 

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You need a reliable partner who will make your search for the ideal home easier. And there is no better company than Blox, which is is India’s first consumer-centric real estate buying platform. The technology-based company has made it easier for people to buy their dream homes. So if you are looking for exclusive properties that are a cut above the rest, consider using Blox. Rest assured, you will have a great experience.