10 Major Pros and Cons of Freelance Work

Juliet D'cruz

10 Major Pros and Cons of Freelance Work

In today’s economy, where the prices of everything are going up, you need to find a career that can sustain you. Freelancing is one such career because you have the power to decide how much you’ll be earning. Unlike formal employment, freelancing gives you the freedom to work with multiple clients at a time. You can choose who to work with and how much they’ll be paying for your services.

Even though freelancing is such a lucrative career path, it has its downside. After all, nothing is ever 100% positive. You need to know the ups and downs you’ll encounter as a freelancer before you start freelance work. As you look for freelance writing jobs, be sure to educate yourself on the pros and cons of working from a non-conventional office. 

Flexible Working Hours

The best thing about freelance work is its flexibility. You get to choose what time to wake up and how long you’d like to work. A freelancer can work over the weekend and take a break during weekdays if that is what works for them. 

You won’t be restricted to a 9-5 schedule. If you’re a night owl, you can do most of your work when everyone is asleep and enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with working at night. 

Freedom to Choose your Clients

Unlike conventional employment, where you have no control over who your clients are, freelance work gives you the freedom to choose your clients. In case you don’t have a good working relationship with a client, you can easily tell that them that working with them is no longer convenient for you. 

Since you can choose who you work with, you get to choose projects you’re passionate about. This way, everything you work on, turns out to be a beautiful work of art. 

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You keep all the Profits

As a freelancer, you get to keep everything you earn. You don’t have to worry about sharing the profits with a partner or anything. You can know what you’ll be earning even before you start a project because you decide how much you’re worth. If a client does not meet your requirements, you can easily look for another one.

You have Unlimited Earning Potential

Every freelancer has unlimited earning potential; it’s upon you to decide how much you want to earn. In case you need to earn a little more than you usually do, all you need to do is find another client to work with. You’ll need excellent time management skills to ensure every project is submitted on time. 

The last thing you want to do is fail to deliver as promised. You depend on clients’ referrals to get new clients. 

You get to Pursue Projects you’re Passionate about

As a freelancer, you can turn down a project if you don’t feel passionate about it. It’s actually advisable because working on something you don’t like means you won’t give it your very best. Since you’ll be doing things you love, it won’t feel like working for the most part. 

Even though you have the power to turn down projects, ensure you don’t end up with anything to do. You have got to compromise because sometimes that is all you can find. 

You’ll feel isolated

Since you won’t be working in an office set up as a freelancer, you’ll feel isolated sometimes. You cannot also entertain visitors while you’re working because you need to focus. Many freelancers don’t have a social life because they’re always on their own. It takes a lot of planning and effort to find time to interact with people. Staying alone for too long can result in anxiety and depression. 

You won’t Always be Motivated

In an office set up, even if you’re not motivated, you find yourself going through the day because you’re surrounded by working people. As a freelancer, working without motivation is a struggle. This is especially true when you work from home. Getting out of bed alone will be a struggle on days when you feel like sleeping in and doing nothing.

You’ll go Through Jobless Phrases

What freelancers need to understand is they won’t always get as many jobs as they want. There are months where you’ll be earning half of what you’re used to because there are no projects to work on. This is why developing a saving culture as a freelancer is so important.

People tend to show Up Unannounced

People that don’t do freelance work don’t understand that your home is also your office. You’re bound to have people that show up unannounced because they know you’re always home. You need to establish boundaries and make it clear to all your friends that it’s not okay for them to show up at your door unannounced. 

You won’t Enjoy Company-Sponsored Benefits

In case you fall ill as a freelancer, you’re on your own because you’re not eligible for company-sponsored health insurance. For this reason, you have to plan your money well and ensure you always have a way to deal with an emergency situation.


As you can see, freelancing is a double-edged sword. You have to find ways of making the pros and cons work in your favor. 

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