What is the eToro Affiliate Program? eToro Review

eToro is without a doubt one of the biggest social trading networks in the world, with more than 10 million users scattered across 140 nations. By simply mimicking the trading tactics of seasoned traders utilizing the platform’s unique CopyTrader software, you can trade like a pro. For both novices and experts, the trading programme enables trading in currencies, stocks, and commodities straightforward. The trading on etoro is only to copy the steps of professionals according to etoro review report.

The eToro Partners affiliate programme is an affiliate campaign administered by the financial network eToro. You will discover what the eToro affiliate programme is in this article, along with all of its features, commissions, advantages, and disadvantages.

Affiliates can make handsome commissions of up to 25% through the eToro affiliate programme. Since 2020, the brokerage has paid over 50 million affiliates close to $hundreds of millions of dollars. To learn more about the eToro affiliate network, continue reading.

The eToro affiliate programme is what?

You receive commissions through the eToro affiliate programme for bringing visitors to the platform from various channels, including social networks, blogs, websites, etc. If you send potential traders to the company using your affiliate link, you can earn a CPA commission of up to 25%.

There are numerous ways to generate referrals for the affiliate programme, including deep linking, text links, and banners. When a user clicks on one of your affiliate links, they are taken to the eToro website, where they may register and fund their trading accounts.

What is the affiliate commission for eToro?

Revenue share and cost per action are the two ways that eToro affiliates can earn money. The main difference etoro vs trade nation is that trade nation provides you with the ability to trade through two different platforms.

Cost per action, or CPA

The Cost per Action, often known as CPA, is a commission that is given to the user who joined up using your eToro affiliate link after they have done a set number of actions. A one-time payment per activity will be made to affiliates for acts like as opening the account, financing it, and trading.

Furthermore, eToro offers a fee equal to the initial deposit (up to $500) of the person who joins using your affiliate marketing link under the Variable Cost per Programs Should be implemented.

Although it could take some time to begin growing your fan base, the rewards of having a major influence are projected to be exponential. For many years to come, it can generate leftover, passive income. Affiliates that participate in profit sharing receive a cut of every investment made by new users who join eToro through their referrals.

Basic Tier Plan

The typical revenue sharing commission plan is a 25% monthly commission. Revenue share is the portion of revenue that the pip generated after all necessary deductions.

Overview of the eToro Partners Affiliate Program

The world’s top online trading network, eToro, is at the forefront of the capital markets. The primary service offered by eToro and its affiliate programme, eToro Partners, is its Copy Funds sound investment features. Users can duplicate deals and accounts from other community members thanks to this.

The eToro platform’s primary function is as a trading platform. Users can invest in stocks, indices, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, products, currencies, and even indices. Every trade is carried out instantly within a user-friendly trading desk environment. eToro set out to upend the financial sector, and they were effective! With a variety of channels for generating referrals via banners, text links, and deep linking to eToro profiles, the eToro Partners affiliate network is feature-rich.

The base revenue share for the eToro scheme is 25%, or $400 DCPA. As an alternative, referring brokers to the scheme are rewarded with a 25% revenue share. The service also offers a chance to generate revenue as a “Popular Investor” and through a 2nd referral network.

The eToro programme has outstanding reporting, affiliate management, educational tools, and highly optimized widgets, sales funnels, and advertising. The common things etoro vs trade nation is that both platform offers the research and trading tools but etoro has more.

Pros and Cons of the eToro Partners Program

eToro consistently serves its users with a distinctive, high level of experience. Many interesting traders’ worth following have joined the online trading platform. The ability to quickly fill out a profile using transparent signals is made possible by the profile creation and copy capability.

What are the benefits of the eToro affiliate programmed? What features don’t appeal to you?


25% revenue sharing possibilities or $400 DCPA possibilities

massive assistance and efficient resources

Several verticals are triggering promotions automatically and paying out afterwards.


Some people don’t like that the eToro platform is built on a Derivatives broker.

Rarely, a web trading platform may lock up or freeze (frustration)