NovaTech Review – Investment Scam MLM? Compensation Plan Details

Controlling Distribution by Proportion Module brokers, also known as PAMM brokers, enable investors to entrust their funds to a third-party money manager. Thanks to this method, traders can make money with little to no effort, which allows them to automate the trading process completely.

With NovaTech, you can earn money using their trading bot technology and by introducing people and establishing a team.

What Products Does NovaTech Offer?

The items that NovaTech sells are the focus of this part of the evaluation. If you want to comply with the MLM regulations in the United States, like NovaTech, you need to provide retail products as well. There are currently no retail offerings from the company.

The company’s primary offering is a trading bot that trades crypto and fiat currencies to make substantial profits. They’ve given it the marketing term “N-Tech” AI to distinguish their program from the competition. Its sole purpose is to maximize profits by taking full advantage of all trading opportunities. In this way, the corporation says, they will be able to continue paying you a return on your investment.

Top Forex Brokers for PAMM Accounts in 2022

Those just starting in the forex market may find it challenging to decide on a PAMM account. Below, however, is a shortlist of the top forex brokers that provide this service in a risk-free, low-cost environment.

Keeping this in mind, let’s examine the aforementioned top forex PAMM brokers, including how they operate and the services they provide for their customers:


AvaTrade is, without a doubt, the most extraordinary forex broker for PAMM accounts. If you are unfamiliar with CFD trading, AvaTrade is a top-tier platform that gives you access to various markets, including equities, currencies, ETFs, commodities, and more. Customers can feel safe and confident in AvaTrade’s services because the company is subject to stringent oversight by the Central Bank of Ireland.

AvaTrade isn’t a PAMM forex broker in the traditional sense, but clients can automate their trading quite closely. Because of their agreement, AvaTrade can offer its clients access to ZuluTrade, one of the world’s most successful copy trading platforms.


Pepperstone is another excellent forex PAMM account. Famous financial authorities such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), and the German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) all oversee Pepperstone, one of the world’s leading CFD brokers. Pepperstone, which began operations in 2010, has expanded rapidly over the past decade and now provides access to more than sixty different currency pairs.

While regular investors cannot open PAMM accounts with Pepperstone, fund managers can. Yet Pepperstone’s integration with DupliTrade, the industry’s premier social trading platform, means that traders may enjoy the same advantages.


If you’re looking for a forex PAMM broker, you might want to check out eToro. Over 28 million traders use eToro, making it one of the world’s largest trading platforms. As a CFD broker, eToro allows its customers to trade many assets, including more than 45 currency pairings.

Even while eToro doesn’t provide its users with a PAMM account, they can reap many of the same benefits by using the “CopyTrader” function. With this built-in function, users of the eToro platform can mimic the actions of successful traders at no extra cost. is one of the most prominent CFD brokers and provides a service similar to that of a PAMM. Customers of can “invest” in traders who use MetaTrader 4 (MT4) to conduct automated trades on their behalf. Users must sign up for a account, download the MT4 trading platform, and link the two together to begin trading.

The outcome may differ slightly from the finest PAMM brokers, but the method is similar.’s MT4 platform integrates with several of the industry’s top forex signals providers, allowing clients to make commission-free trades. allows for leverage of up to 30:1 means there is room to grow profits.


Founded in the United States over 25 years ago, OANDA has become a leading foreign exchange broker. Clients can begin API trading by integrating their OANDA accounts with any third-party platform. Entrusting money managers with their clients’ funds can automate trading.

Since no minimum deposit is required and traders can take advantage of a commission-free trading structure, OANDA is the most convenient PAMM forex broker. To top it all off, OANDA provides trade sizes below micro lots, perfect for newcomers.

Roboforex Bonus Terms and Conditions

Here are Roboforex bonus terms and conditions:

  1. Overview of the Rules
  2. Working with the Bonus
  3. A transfer out of a Bonus account
  4. Requirements are met, the contract is canceled, and the balance is written off