Copy These 4 Top-Performing Traders With Etoro.

Finding the best eToro traders to emulate is not as simple as it sounds. There are numerous factors to consider before copying any trader. On eToro, there are a large number of traders you can follow, but not all of them are worth following, even if they are achieving impressive results.

If you’re a new investor just getting started, you can now easily replicate the trades of more popular, well-seasoned traders. Copying a trader eliminates the need for you to conduct your research. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s without risk; that’s the nature of trading. Nonetheless, eToro, a platform that now has over 12 million traders, dominates the copy trading scene.

This Traders Union article is a guide to the four best traders on eToro to help you get started. This also contains everything you need to know about copy trading to get started, as well as how to choose a seasoned trader who meets your long-term investing goals.

Top 4 Best EToro Traders in 2022

With so many copy traders to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which eToro investor to follow and learn from. It may appear that selecting a trader who already has a significant number of copiers under their belt is the obvious thing to do. However, when considering what you are interested in as a trader, here is a list of some of the best traders that you can copy traders on eToro. 

  • Jay Edward Smith:

On eToro, there are thousands of successful copy traders, but Jay Edward Smith is presently one of the most copied. The investor is very popular among eToro users.

A little background on this eToro full-time investor: Jay Edward Smith is a 31-year-old man from Basingstoke, England. He is a former pro gamer, esports manager, and logistics coordinator with interests in, among other things, financial markets, cryptocurrency, logistics, economics, and technology.

This trader suggests a minimum copy of $500, but $2,000+ is preferred. It is also recommended that you copy-trade him for at least two years to get the most out of his portfolio. Jay is 35.20 percent in the black in 2020 (through July) with over $5 million in copy assets under management, and he made an unprecedented 52.32 percent return in 2019.

Let’s take a quick look at Jay Edward Smith’s current trading portfolio:

  • Stocks account for 47.87 percent.
  • A percentage of 23.43
  • Crypto is currently worth 19.25 percent.
  • ETFs are worth 5.51 percent of their total value.
  • Commodities (3.78)
  • 0.08 percent in currency
  • Olivier Jean-Andre Danvel:

This trader has 9,807 copiers and a return of 6.38 percent over the last 12 months. Olivier is in charge of more than $5 million in eToro assets. He uses a low-risk trading strategy with strict rules for financial planning and a 1% monthly profit goal.

 A professional fund manager for more than two decades, Olivier is one of the most well-known names in forex trading. He researches technical analysis, financial articles, and investment news. In 2019, this trader earned an 8.40 percent return. In the first six months of 2020, he is up 2.27 percent. 

The following items are included in Olivier Jean Andre Daniel’s portfolio:

  • 84.48 percent of the money
  • Commodities account for 10.84 percent.
  • Indices at 4.15 percent
  • 0.54 percent cryptocurrency
  • Teoh Khai Liang:

Teoh Khai Liang is another widely known copy trader on our list, with 7,740 copiers. Teoh’s stock has seen a 55.92 percent return over the last year. The trader has more than $5 million in assets under his belt. In 2019, he earned a 46.65% return. So far this year, his returns have been 37.66 percent, which is enormous.

Teoh primarily trades stocks, so if you want to copy him, you must be willing to deal primarily in blue-chip stocks. Most importantly, he is interested in long-term positions.

This trader’s portfolio contains:

  • 97.30% stocks.
  • ETFs account for about 2.70 percent.

This copy trader’s strategy consists of the following elements:

  • Investments for the long term.
  • Stocks will be held until fundamental changes occur.
  • Buying stocks when the market is rising
  • Purchasing stock if the market falls
  • Heloise Greeff:

This copy trader has 1,498 copiers and has a return of 26.39 percent over the last year. Heloise Greeff made a profit of 20.19 percent by the end of 2019. In the first six months of 2021, this investor gained 17.74 percent.

Heloise has an MBA from Oxford University and specializes in stock trading. He does, however, dabble in “exchange-traded funds” (ETFs) and indices.

Heloise Greeff’s current trading portfolio is as follows:

  • 98.29% stocks.
  • ETFs account for 0.55 percent.
  • Indices make up 0.55 percent.
  • Commodities account for 0.36 percent.
  • 0.18 percent cryptocurrency.

Heloise’s trading niches include the following:

  • Pharma and technology.
  • US Indices
  • Technical analysis and machine learning
  • Spread risk while achieving high returns.